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First Response Training International (FRTI) is the Emergency Response arm of International Training, parent company to SDI, TDI, ERDI and PFI. FRTI offers an assortment of Emergency Response courses. The two which are an integral part of our diver training curriculum are:
  • Oxygen Provider: A critical course for divers in that oxygen is usually the best first-aid for lung overpressure injuries and decompressions sickness (DCS).
Most of our customers take these courses in combination with one another, as they allow students to meet important prerequisites for Rescue Diver and leadership training. Less well-known are the courses FRTI offers in addition to these.
  • Some of these programs, notably Child and Infant Emergency Care and Workplace CPR/AED courses, are subsets of the full First Aid, CPR and AED course, but targeted at groups with special needs.
  • Other courses, notably the Airborne and Bloodborne Pathogens courses are similarly targeted at businesses and organizations.
Aquatic Ventures offers these special programs on an as-needed basis. We custom tailor them to the needs of each group. This, combined with FRTI’s convenient Certification processing when earned, helps ensure that employees participate in these important programs while still spending minimal time away from work. The links below will help you learn more about each program.

Child and Infant Emergency Care

Child CPR

The knowledge and skills for this program are largely the same as those for the Adult, Child and Infant Emergency Care Course course. The difference is that this course focuses on caring specifically for infants and children with the use of child and infant CPR manikins. This is the perfect course for daycare centers and other child care providers.

Workplace CPR/AED

This course is aimed at employers who can devote only so much time to staff Emergency Response training. Course knowledge and skills come from the full Adult, Child and Infant Emergency Care course, but forgoes any discussion or practice of non-CPR/AED skills. Despite this, CPR and AED are the skills most often needed by employees to save lives.

Bloodborne Pathogens


This course is a must for anyone whose work has the potential to put them in contact with blood or other bodily fluids. It covers established procedures for use of personal protective equipment (PPE) as well as the proper disposal of contaminated waste.

Airborne Pathogens


Airborne pathogens are on everyone’s mind these days. They pose a risk but it’s a risk that is widely misunderstood. This program helps identify these risks and what people can do to protect themselves. It is especially valuable for anyone returning to work or school.

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