Aqautic Ventures

Air and Nitrox Fills


Aquatic Ventures clean, modern compressor, blending and storage system can meet your breathing needs. Prices are as follow:

Air Fills

DescriptionSingle-Cylinder Price20-Fill Air Card
General Public$7.00$85.00 ($4.25/fill)
Commerical Accounts$5.00$85.00 ($4.25/fill)
SCBA Cylinders$6.00$85.00 ($4.25/fill)

Nitrox and Oxygen Fills

Cylinder SizeUp to 40%41% to 60%61% to 80%81% to 100%
Up to 40 cu ft$11.00$13.00$15.00$19.00
41 to 80 cu ft$15.00$20.00$25.00$30.00
81 to 100 cu ft$17.00$24.00$30.00$37.00
101 to 120 cu ft$20.00$28.00$32.00$42.00
121 to 130 cu ft$24.00$32.00$36.00$48.00

The price for filling DAN O2 bottles up to 20 cubic feet is $14.00.

Trimix and Argon Fills

GasPrice per Cubic Foot
Medical Oxygten$0.45

Fill Station Policies

  • Proof of appropriate certification required for all breathing gas fills.
  • All cylinders must have a current hydrostatic test and visual inspection decal from a recognized establishment.
  • We will not fill cylinders to more than their rated pressure. The maximum pressure we will fill scuba cylinders to is 3,500 psi; 3,000 psi for SCBA cylinders..
  • Cylinders used for gas mixtures other than air must be properly cleaned and labeled.
  • Nitrox, Oxygen and Trimix fills may take up to 24 hours depending on blender availability.
  • Prices are for single-cylinder fills. Prices for doubles will be twice what you see here.
  • Prices do not include sales tax.
  • We cannot fill aluminum cylinders manufactured prior to 1990.

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