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Recreational Courses

Technical Courses

Basic Tech Courses

These provide the foundation for further training.

Mixed Gas Courses

Mitigate the effects of narcosis by adding helium to the mix.

Rebreather Courses

Go deeper. Stay longer. Carry less equipment. Use less gas.

Overhead Courses

Come over to the Dark Side. (We have cookies…and arrows)

Rec vs. Tec: What’s the difference?


Recreational Diving

This is what most people think of when they hear the word scuba. It involves lightweight, single tanks and depths seldom deeper than 100 feet. Almost anyone who is comfortable and relaxed in the water and in reasonably good health can become a certified Open Water Diver in as little as three to four days.

Once certified, you can continue to learn through a variety of advanced, specialty, emergency response and leadership courses. And, by bringing along a camera, you can share your experiences with friends and family.


Technical Diving

Technical diving involves substantially deeper depths and the use of highly specialized equipment such as closed-circuit rebreathers. Tech divers generally carry multiple cylinders and switch between gas mixtures containing high concentrations of oxygen and helium.

Tech diving may take place on deeper wrecks or in underwater caves. Tech divers must manage substantially greater risks. Before getting into tech diving, you must first become a highly skilled and very experience recreational diver.

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