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“The Nursery” Reef Dive • Saturday, September 10

Shallow reef dives are not only a good way for newly certified divers to gain experience, but they also provide more seasoned divers with the opportunity to enjoy less-stressful dives with maximum bottom times. This trip includes two such dives.

At a glance

What you need to know 
Dive 1Reef
Dive 2Reef
Max depth in feet40
Minimum cert levelOpen Water
Departs fromPompano
Minutes from shop
Be at the boat no later than12:30 PM
Boat departs1:30 PM
Expected return5:00 PM
Price without gear rental$99.95
Price with gear rental$129.95

The site

Broward County reefs generally form a series of ledges that parallel the shore. These provide a home for a wide variety of corals and fish. Many of these ledges overhang and you will find entire schools of fish sheltering underneath.

The diving

These are, of course, boat dives. This means no long surface swims. Depths seldom exceed 30 feet, making them perfect for divers of any certification or experience level. Whether you are a newly certified diver, a seasoned veteran, or someone getting back into it, this trip will provide something for you.

What else?

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