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Ancient Mariner Wreck• Saturday, December 17, 2022

The Ancient Mariner is a 165-foot-long, ex-Coast Guard Cutter. The ship is upright with a slight list to port. She is covered with sea life.

At a glance

Ancient Mariner
What you need to know 
Dive 1Wreck
Dive 2Wreck or Reef
Max depth in feet70
Minimum cert levelOpen Water
Departs fromPompano
Minutes from shop25
Be at the boat no later than12:30 PM
Boat departs1:30 PM
Expected return5:00 PM
Price without gear rental$99.95
Price with gear rental$129.95

The wreck

The Ancient Mariner is part of a collection of wrecks and artificial reef structures known as the Fort Lauderdale/Broward County Wreck Trek. Many of these are within swimming distance of one another, making it possible to see more than one in a single dive.

As the illustration shows, the wreck has degraded substantially over time. However, this has provided the opportunity for considerable marine growth which, in turn, has attracted large schools of fish and other aquatic life. 

The diving

As with most of the surrounding wrecks, the Mariner lies in 70 feet of water. This technically makes it a deep dive, but only by a few feet. Most of the time, you will be shallower than 60 feet.

You will find large schools of fish that migrate between several of the area’s wrecks, along with the occasional moray eel, lobsters and other species.

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