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The Jaxx Beach Dive • Saturday, October 21, 2023

Some of Broward’s best dives are right off the beach. The Jaxx is an artificial reef structure that looks like a gigantic version of the jacks you played with as a kid.

At a glance

What you need to know
Dive 1Reef
Dive 2Reef
Max depth in feet20
Minimum cert levelOpen Water
Departs fromFort Lauderdale
Minutes from shop
Meet at shop9:00 AM
Meet at beach10:00 AM
Expected return2:00 PM
Price without gear rental$25.00
Price with gear rental$55.00

The site

The site, located inside Dr. Von D. Mitzell Johnson State Park, is also known as the Dania Erojacks. It begins 300 feet from shore. It stretches 1,500 feet until the first reef edge. Depths are shallow, seldom exceeding 20 feet.

The diving

Erojacks are large concrete structures that resemble toys you may have played with as a kid. They’ve proven to be an ideal artificial reef foundation, attracting coral and a wide assortment of fish and other aquatic life.

What else?

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