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Blue Heron Bridge • Sunday, October 1, 2023

Blue Heron Bridge is one of the region’s most popular shore dives and requires very little surface swimming. The catch is, you must time your dive to coincide with high tide.

At a glance

What you need to know
Dive 1Reef
Dive 2Reef
Max depth in feet25
Minimum cert levelOpen Water
Departs fromPalm Beach
Minutes from shop
Meet at shop9:00 AM
Meet at beach10:00 AM
Expected return2:00 PM
Price without gear rental$25.00
Price with gear rental$55.00

The site

Phil Foster Park at the east end of Blue Heron Bridge in Palm Beach is among the region’s most famous beach diving sites. There is ample parking right next to the beach, and the water entry is easy with no breaking waves. You don’t have to swim far to get to the good stuff.

The one caveat is that this dive is dependent on the tide. You must enter just before high tide and exit as the tide begins to move out. This way, there will be almost no current to deal with.

The diving

In the shallow water surrounding the bridge, your air can last a long time. Some divers will spend their entire dive directly under the bridge, shooting photos and videos of the tiny creatures that inhabit the coral. Just south of the bridge is an area where, if patient, you can coax an octopus out of its hole. Straight out from the beach is a collection of small wrecks and other artifacts.

What else?

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